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Dropshipping is a modern model of cooperation between a wholesaler and a retailer, which allows the goods to be delivered from the wholesaler directly to the end customer.

  • you can immediately have a very rich offer without the need to invest in products beforehand,
  • the risk related to the unsuccessful investment is mostly on the side of the wholesaler
  • you also lower or completely avoid costs related to the storage of goods, hiring employees, renting premises, etc.,
  • also - the huge cost of taking photos and creating description of the goods is on the side of the wholesaler

You can basically start a serious commercial activity in just a few days, fully competing with large businesses, just with a computer and our support.


How can you start cooperation?
It is necessary to create an account on the website of our wholesale store: Then, you should inform us about your willingness to cooperate in the dropshipping model (e.g. by email). You will receive an individual link to the database of products to import them to your store.

Is a contract required?
We do not require signing a contract, all cooperation is based on an account on our website.

Is it possible to establish cooperation if I’m running an unregistered business activity?
Yes, it is possible.

I registered in the wholesale store but still I can't see the prices.
The account must still be verified by us, for this purpose you should contact us by e-mail by sending an entry to CEIDG/VIES and assigning a tax identification number (or information about the business in the case of unregistered activities).

In what format is the product database available and how to receive it?
After successful verification, we send an individual link to an XML or CSV file, which can be used to upload our stock to your store.

What requirements must be met to cooperate in the dropshipping model?
The dropshipping model of cooperation with a wholesale discount is available to customers who make at least 10 orders within a month. If this condition is not met after the trial 3-month cooperation period, dropshipping may (but does not have to) be switched to the standard wholesale model (with a minimal order value of PLN 500 gross).

What conditions must be met to receive a discount?
We grant the maximum discount at the time of activating the wholesale account and it does not change regardless of the sales volume. We chose this policy because it allows new customers to get competitive prices and start selling with equal opportunities.

Can we make payment with a delay / are invoice with a payment date available?
At the beginning of cooperation, payment in advance is required to complete the order. We consider the possibility of making payments with delay credit after at least 1 year of cooperation.

Does the use of dropshipping involve additional fees, e.g. subscription?
Each order includes a fee for processing an order such an order in the amount of PLN 5 (gross) - it is included in the shipping costs.

Are returns accepted?
Returns in B2B transactions, which also includes the dropshipping model, are not accepted by us. Customers, as end-sellers, are responsible for handling returns themselves.

What about the warranty / product servicing?
The standard wholesale offer does not include the service. It is possible to purchase a service, such a desire must be reported to us before the purchase - price of the watches will be increased by 30% to cover the expense. The exception are watches with manufacturer's warranty (see below).

What products have a manufacturer's warranty?
The manufacturer's service covers:
Smartwatches/smartbands – Gino Rossi, Rubicon, Pacific, Jordan Kerr – 12 months
Bisset, Rubicon quartz watches – 24 months
Albatross, Oceanic, Xonix quartz watches – 12 months

Casio G-Shock series – 36 months (covered by Zibi S.A.)

How can you contact the service?
After receiving the request from the customer, please contact us – we will give you further information depending on the product. The final service point should be contacted directly by your retail customers.

What if the customer receives a defective product?
Information about a defective/broken product should be reported to us immediately after receiving the parcel. If the product turns out to be defective - it will be replaced with a new one.

Can the photos and descriptions from the websitebe used?
Yes, if the products sold come from our warehouse, photos and descriptions are available to our customers both on the website and in the XML file.

How are invoices issued? For each order or in bulk / collectively?
The invoice is issued separately for each order. At the moment, it is not possible to issue collective invoices.

How are invoices sent?
Invoices are sent only in electronic form - to the e-mail address provided during registration.

Can orders be placed automatically?
In the case of webstores working on the IdoSell platform, integration is possible and it’s relatively ‘plug-and-play’, just a simple configuration is required. For other platforms, this is not possible at the moment. Alternatively, you can do this on your own, using the available documentation::

If orders cannot be transferred automatically, how can they be submitted?
Orders can be placed manually via the website of our warehouse. Detailed instructions are available at:
Manual for placing orders

By what time should an order be placed so that it will be dispatched the same day?
We are not able to indicate the exact time, there are too many factors.

What is the time to process the order?
Orders with goods that are in stock in our warehouse are processed within 24 hours. In the case of goods that we have to import from the supplier's warehouse, the delivery time may be extended to 3 business days - the relevant information is available on the product card and in the basket while making the order.

What shipping options are available?
Zamówienia z naszą etykietą realizowane są za pośrednictwem kuriera oraz paczkomatów InPost.

What are the shipping costs (within Poland)?
Shipping costs (gross) are: 20,00 PLN by InPost courier and 17,00 PLN with shipping with Inpost Paczkomaty. The specified shipping cost includes a fee for the dropshipping service in the amount of 5 PLN (gross).

Is shipping on your own label / using your own courier service possible?
We allow you to send your own InPost and DPD labels ( these couriers collect parcels from us every day). In the case of other couriers, a pickup from our address would have to be ordered. In such a situation, only the dropshipping fee is charged – 5 PLN gross.

It is possible to ship the order with cash on delivery?
In the case of shipping with service available on our website - this is not possible.
In the case of shipping on your own labels - by all means.

Is the execution of foreign orders (shipping to foreign countries) possible?
We offer shipment of orders on our labels to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria. It is also possible to ship on with your own label.

What are the shipping costs to specific foreign countries?

Austria - 30 zł

Bulgaria - 42 zł

Croatia - 30 zł

Czech Republic - 24 zł

Estonia - 42 zł

Greeece - 30 zł

Hungary - 36 zł

Lithuania - 28 zł

Latvia - 37 zł

Slovakia - 28 zł

Slovenia - 30 zł

Romania - 42 zł

Are there any leaflets or company markings attached to the parcels?
No, only the ordered products are included. In the case of using our shipping methods, we appear as the sender of the package. In the case of shipping on with your won labels, there is no information that the order was shipped by us.

Is it possible to include your own add-ons in the form of leaflets, freebies, stickers etc.?
It is not possible to add your own materials to goods shipped from our warehouse.

Which products have their own packaging in the form of a box / etui?
All smartwatches and smartbands.
Quartz watches: All brand models: G. Rossi, Paul Lorens, Bisset, Rubicon, Tommy Hilfiger, Pacific, Daniel Klein, Diesel, Michael Kors, Emporio Armani, Daniel Wellington, Invicta, Hugo Boss, Fossil, Orient, Bering, Guess, Maserati, Timex, Casio - G-shock & Edifice, wooden watchesm alarm clocks.
Naviforce quartz watches with "+ BOX" in the product name.

How are products without boxes packaged?
Such products are packed in bubble wrap.


Below is an instructionon integrating your store with our wholesale website, which will allow you to automate the entire process of handling dropshipping orders..

1. For online stores on the IdoSell Shop platform (former IAI-Shop).

If you rely on the fully automatic integration between IdoSell stores, then in the case of handling dropshipping orders, as the owner of an online store, you will not have to do practically anything to process such orders.

This is how the dropshipping order is handled in the IdoSell Shop:

  • an online store customer places an order,
  • a new order appears in the administration panel of the store, to which documents for the order, (e.g. a VAT invoice) are automatically issued and sent to the customer by email,
  • the customer pays for the order, the payment is credited automatically, and the order is transferred to the supplier (warehouse) - again automatically, without the participation of the store staff,
  • the supplier (wholesaler) executes and sends the parcel to the customer of the store. At the same time, the warehouse sends an automatic notification to the store about the completion of the order,
  • in the store, based on the notification received, we will fill in the shipping number, change its status to "shipped" and notify the customer by e-mail that the shipment is on its way - also automatically.

That's it, the order is already processed and you can wait for the next one. What's more, online stores and dropshipping wholesalers at IdoSell Shop can exchange information about orders with each other without any additional work.

All you need is the right configuration and you can start your adventure with dropshipping - all in the name of the ‘plug and play’ idea.

For theautomation to work, you must integrate with us according to the following steps::

  1. We recommend integrating with our product database using the IAI Downloader.
    All information about this application can be found on the IdoSell Shop website:
    The installation and configuration instructions for this application can be found in the link below:
  2. After importing the product offer to the store, you must add our warehouse as a new supplier, it can be done in the PRODUCTS / Suppliers menu. Detailed instructions are available here:
    You will need an ICDF channel key to complete the setup - please contact us to obtain it.
  3. After successful configuration of the supplier, all that remains is to automate the order submission process - you can set it in the ADMINISTRATION / Process Automation / Automation of dropshipping orders menu. More information on this process can be found in the link above.

From now on, each paid order will be sent to us after its status changes to "pending delivery". We will take care of its shipment and after the shipment is collected by the carrier, the order in your store will change its status to "shipped", and the customer will automatically receive a shipping number to the e-mail address provided in the contact details.

2. For online stores outside the IdoSell Shop platform.

  1. The first step is to integrate the store with our database of goods - after receiving links to our product database please import it to your store. Any possible irregularities at this stage will make it impossible to complete the entire integration.
  2. In order to automate the dropshipping process, it is necessary to prepare (on your own) software based on the ICDF and CustomerAPI protocol. Detailed documentation and tips are available at, links below:
    You will need a key to the ICDF channel to complete the configuration - please contact us to obtain it.
  3. From now on, each prepaid order can be sent to us - this process can be automated according to the guidelines in the above documentation. We will take care of its shipment, and after the shipment is received by the carrier, you will receive a notification from us about the completion of the order along with the package number.



If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will try to help as much as possible.

We will try to adjust the cooperation conditions so that both parties are satisfied, which for us is an indicator of a successful business.

We will try to adjust the cooperation conditions so that both parties are satisfied, which for us is an indicator of a successful business.